Herramienta: Ruta critica para admins Moodle 2.4

04 Nov

Esta ‘Ruta crítica’ es un cuadro con los pasos inmediatos que debe seguir un admin, una vez instalado Moodle

es para la versión 2.4.x

Ruta Critica para admins.  Moodle 2.4

Ruta Critica para admins.
Moodle 2.4

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Configuración de Tareas en Moodle 2.5

04 Nov


Critical Route for new admins

19 May

This is my presentation for iMoot 2013


Conditional Profiles in Moodle 2.4 by Mary Cooch

17 Apr

Another awesome MoodleFairy’s  video-tutorial


iMoot 2013 coming up !

12 Jan

“The theme for this year’s presentations is “OPEN”. So much can come from one word and we see this one in particular having very strong ties with Moodle. What do we mean by this? Think of open education, open communities, open courseware, open licensing, open source and more. The list goes on. At it’s core however we see “OPEN” is about collaboration, sharing and removing barriers. Each of these are at the core of what Moodle is all about.”




Moodle Overview, presented by MD (video)

07 Dec

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10 Nov

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